The Advantages

  • Equipped with cam timing belt
  • Electrically driven / cycle drive
  • Number of profile positions = 10
  • Pusher length positioning by means of servo motor
  • Rack and pinion drive Straight toothing, ground
  • Sliding profile transport
  • Saw cut 90°
  • Hydropneumatic saw feed
  • Cutting direction from above
  • Saw blade diameter (xxx follows)
  • Lubrication: Spraying device (MMS)
  • Waste chute / waste disposal

Technical Data

Bar length max 6 000 mm
Bar length min 400 mm
Cutting length max 4 000 mm
Cutting length min 250 mm
Remaining piece processing 400 mm
Profile dimensions 80 x 80 mm
Wall thickness max 3 mm
Tolerance length dimension +/- 5 mm
Max. deflection of profiles 2 mm
Max. weight per bar 30 kg
Automatic work sequence
On-screen dialogue system with loading table display
Throughput direction from left to right or right to left, depending on version


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