The Advantages

  • Automatically cycling of feed-in and depositing magazine (available with chain drive or belt drive)
  • Pusher axes with servo drive
  • Saw unit with spraying equipment
  • Screen dialog system with loading table display
  • Data technology coupling with bar processing centre for in-sequence cycling
  • Scissor-type spreader fingers for larger U-profiles
  • MagneticGripper for very thin steel parts

Available as a stand-alone solution
or in conjunction with profile bar processing

available as network
System interfaces

optimised low-noise cutting
for user-friendly work


Magazine feed 12 places (optional 20 places)
Length of profile bar min. 400 mm
Length of profile bar max. 6000 mm
Cutting length min. 170 mm
Cutting length max. 4000 mm (optional 6000 mm)
Profile dimensions 70 x 70 mm
Wall thickness max. 4 mm


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