The Advantages

  • 2 feeders with automatic separation
  • 3-axis positioning system (XYZ) and rotation axis (R) in the head
  • Multi-tool head for gripping, setting and automatic tightening of hardware
  • Hardware screw driver with depth shut-off
  • Vertical/horizontal swivel function in the tool head
  • Automatic transport and clamping system
  • Optional fastening of casement hinges
  • Optional parallel drilling of pivot post and scissor stay hinges
  • Stocking of hardware parts in the bar magazines
  • Control by Stürtz fastener database system and interface to window installation software
  • Windows operating system
  • Data management via database

High process accuracy

Service level with visual diagnostics menu and programming function

Diverse integration options


Profile depth min. 60 mm
Profile depth max. 90 mm
Profile view width min. 60 mm
Profile view width max. 130 mm
Clear inside dimension min. 300 mm
Profile dimension max. 4000 x 2600 mm
Cycle function for components up to max. 4000 x 3000 mm


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