The Advantages

  • Cutting and rod processing centre for processing PVC windows and front door profiles with a production output of up to 120FE/8h
  • Automatic indexing feed magazine Pusher axes with linear guide and rack and pinion drive with automatically controlled gripper positions
  • Upstream 2-axis PVC processing module
  • Cutting saw from below in different model variants: 45°, 90°, -135° or variable angles up to 30°
  • Cross conveyor system Profile system-independent, process-orientated cross conveyor system Transport system (QFSIPT)
  • Reinforcement station with 6 reinforcement compartments including TFT screen display
  • Cycle time optimised reinforcement screwing
  • 2-axis NFZ processing module for PVC and steel processing
  • Outfeed sliding table (optional belt conveyor)
  • The intuitive information management system offers visualisation of profile cross-sections and processing as well as a diagnostics and reporting tool and maintenance management, plus other options
  • On-screen dialogue system under Windows with loading table display Freely programmable processing data (incl. internet-based online remote service maintenance)


Zero point detection on the gripper system

Compact, space-saving design

Intuitive information management system

Technical Data

Feed magazine 9 places
Profile bar length min. 1000 mm
Profile bar length max. 6 500 mm
Profile cutting length max. 4 006 mm
Profile face width max. 130 mm
Profile construction depth 120 mm
Tool positions up to 32
Cutting accuracy + / – 0.3 mm (independent of profile tolerance)


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