Fully automatic glass buffer and order picker with UL

The Advantages

  • No more carrying and searching
  • Intelligent control for more efficiency
  • Ergonomic working
  • Automatic fanning into the buffer system via data management
  • Automatic “just in time” provision for the operator to set up the gals
  • Graphic support with 23-inch touch screen under Windows operating system
  • Modular design: The solution for your business
  • Compact design: Integration into any size of business Variable buffer capacity (e.g. 80, 120, 240, 480 compartments)

Optimum space economy with intelligent and space-saving arrangement of the individual modules

Ensuring the quality of the glass panes Using a feeding station as a visiting station for visual quality control

Shortest processing cycles for a continuous flow of material by eliminating searching and sorting work

Technische Daten

Slice size min 240 x 240 mm
Disc size max 2500 x 2500 mm
Disc thickness min 12 mm
Disc thickness up to max 60 mm
Disc weight max 250 kg


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