The Advantages

  • Module with highly dynamic 3-axis ring module for alu- minium profile processing
  • Pusher axes with high-speed linear motor direct drive and automatically controlled gripper positions
  • Cutting saw in different model variants: (45°, 90°, -135° or) variable angles up to 30°
  • The intuitive information management system offers the visualisation of profile cross-sections and proces- sing as well as a diagnostics and reporting tool and maintenance management, plus other options
  • Freely programmable processing data

Precise positioning
through ZeroPointDetection

Highly dynamic ring module

Intuitively operable
information management system


Feed magazine 9 places
Profile bar length min. 1000 mm
Profile bar length max. 6500 mm
Cutting length min. 550 mm with clear internal dimension of 200 mm
Cutting length max. 4006 mm (opt. 6006 mm)
Profile face width min. 40 mm, max. 130 mm
Profile construction depth min. 45 mm, max. 120 mm


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