The Advantages

  • 2 Highly dynamic electric screwdriving units
  • Processing of up to eight different euro groove heights – independent of profile and fitting system
  • Maximum output through the use of highly dynamic modules and intelligent control technology
  • Gentle bolting of the sash corner bands
  • The highly innovative control technology combines a database-oriented screen dialogue system with a powerful control system arm
  • The intuitively operated information management sys- tem offers visualisation of all hardware data, a diagno- sis and reporting tool and maintenance management, as well as other options
  • Integrated remote maintenance avoids the need for on-site service technicians
  • Automatic stacking (optional)
  • Integratable into manufacturing line
  • Preassembly table for hardware with compartments for long hardware parts and corner deflection units
  • To ensure a continuous material flow in the production process, the sash cutter is folded in via a tensioning arm
  • Completely bolted sashes are automatically trans- ferred orderly into a vertical element buffer

Cycle time optimised screwdriver technology

Visual display

Versatile integration
in sash assembly lines

Closing function of scissors


Profile depth min. 60 mm
Profile depth
max. 100 mm*
Profile view width
min. 69 mm (for mullion profile of 49 mm)
Profile view width
max. 130 mm / 150 mm*
Euro groove height
min. 30 mm
Euro groove height
max. 50 mm
Width of casement rebate
min. 280 mm*
Width of casement rebate
max. 1600 mm*
Height of casement rebate
min. 280 mm
Height of casement rebate
max. 2600 mm
Width of casement glass rebate
min. 220 mm
Height of casement glass rebate
min. 220 mm
Weight of casement
max. 100 kg
Cycle time
< 1,5 minutes (depending on type of fitting)
Profile systems
PVC / PVC steel-reinforced pro files/composites


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