Sometimes you have to redefine yourself. Every individual and organization evolves over time and reaches certain milestones along the way. As Stürtz Maschinenbau and Stürtz Machinery have both reached individual milestones, 70 years in Germany in 2016 and 20 years in North America this year, we continue to push ahead with new products and updated designs.

Our new logo reflects this forward looking energy and our “onward and upward” attitude toward continuing to lead the way with innovation and quality, while remaining true to our customer focused, service driven roots.
“It is our valued customers who’ve made our success and longevity possible. No one in our organization forgets that. This is something we will never need to redefine!! With your continued support, we look forward to what the next 20 years will have in store for us all.”
comments Ellis Dillen, SMI President & CEO.