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The Advantages

The LinearPro-DM90-F Automated Miter Saw is designed to meet today’s ever-changing PVC window production needs for North American window and door manufacturers. This “Zero Scrap” Double Miter Saw is designed to cut and ­fabricate sash and frame products at a competitive price and in a smaller footprint.  

  • Through Feed “Zero Scrap” Double Miter Saw
  • Automatic 45° to 90° blade angle adjustment without operator intervention
  • Linear Motor driven feed system for improved accuracy and minimum maintenance
  • Wide range of available fabrication tools including: routing, drilling, dimpling and punching
  • Simple graphic programming functions with powerful database
  • Open tabletop and work area allows for easy access for tooling changeover
  • General Specifications


Sawblade diameter 22“ Standard (Optional 24” blade)
Maximum bar length 21 ft
Minimum cut length 6“
Maximum cut length 21 ft


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