The advantages

  • Casement stop table for semi-automatic fastening of turn-only and turn-tilt hardware
  • With a CNC axis for the screwdriver with depth switch-off, attached to the side of the table
  • Fastening of manually pre-assembled hardware parts, on each casement side, via automatic cycling to the screw positions
  • Handling the casement for the installation of the hardware is done manually by the operator
  • Automatic height adjustment for 8 Euro groove heights
  • Automatic screw feeder for a screw type with electrical screw monitoring
  • The automatic operation of the axis-controlled screwdriver requires the use of fixable or clip-on hardware components
  • Waste box with mobile wheels for hardware oddments
  • Automatic casement tensioning unit
  • Automatic control to adjust to the different profile sizes
  • Fitting rack with 33 compartments for parts of long hinges, 4 slides for corner deflections
  • Intuitive diagnostic system
  • Wireless barcode scanner

Automatic length end-stop for punch

Data management via database

Windows operating system

Technical Data

Profile depth min. 60 mm
Profile depth max. 100 mm*
Profile view width min. 69 mm (for mullion profile of  49 mm)
Profile view width max. 130 mm / 150 mm*
Euro groove height min. 30 mm
Euro groove height max. 50 mm
Width of casement rebate min. 320 mm*
Width of casement rebate max. 1600 mm*
Height of casement rebate min. 320 mm
Height of casement rebate max. 2600 mm
Width of casement glass rebate min. 220 mm
Height of casement glass rebate min. 220 mm
Weight of casement max. 100 kg
Cycle time < 2 Minute (depending on the hardware variants)
Profile systems PVC/PVC steel reinforced profiles/composites


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