STUERTZ Innovator

SRS glazing robot / Bonding robots

Products / "Innovator" technologies

The advantages

  • 6-axis industrial robot for automatic glazing of insulating glass panes
  • Multi-vacuum gripper incl. process monitoring
  • Integration and connection to all common window construction software systems via the Stürtz database system
  • Automatic control of the glass position
  • Optional bonding, using one- and two-component adhesives
  • Optional verification of the window opening
  • Positioning of the components, using a clamping system

Highest speeds and precise positioning accuracy

Maximum flexibility

Ergonomic work

Automated production increases efficiency and quality

Technical Data

Component size min. 330×320 mm (W × H)
Component size max. 3.000 × 4.000 mm (W × H)*
Window pane dimension min. 250 x 250 mm
Window pane dimension max. 2.500 x 2.500 mm
Window pane weight bis zu 220 Kg (heavier weight optional)


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